dog bash 3D MOD Apk (Unlimited Resources)

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3D dogs adventure. Christmas special levels
A small dog Bhutku is looking for his friend, who has been captured by “Bhaw Bhaw” the bad nasty dog. He found himself in a distant desert with lots of magic. Bhutku needs to stay alive by eating bones and he needs to collect all the keys to open the portal which will eventually open a gateway for the next levels.
Creepy dog “bojo” needs meat, so Bhutku needs to feed him meat so that he doesn’t follow Bhutku. As excellent game full of fun and adventure. If you are an adventure lover you will love this game for sure.

Put the pointer in a location where the dog can go.
You need to collect the keys to open the portal, the portal will only open when you place size keys in proper place.
There is a bad dog who will follow you while running, you need to feed him meat so that he stops and eat meat.
One bad dog will take two meat to stop for 30 secs only.You need to collect bones to make more meat.


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