Heroes Inc!! MOD Apk (Unlimited Resources)

Download Latest APK MOD for Heroes Inc!!, This MOD Includes Unlimited Game Resources. Download Now! Last Version of Heroes Inc!!

Mix and match your adventure! Find powerful materials and turn ordinary people into extraordinary heroes, then test your new found abilities in the Hero Lab!
2021best Idle RPG Game is online NOW!
Join millions of Commanders around the globe in this idle RPG game!
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Set your marvelous avengers training while away, and upgrade your AFK superheroes without much eff
Idle any time, battle anywhere!

Summon your heroes, compose strategy for different situations wisely, develop heroes skills and equipment to secure victory in the arena and challenge the darkness!
Assemble a mighty idle team of avengers for the future war!
From the selection of avengers, to their position in the team, you are the one to make decision!

Choose your marvelous adventure in this RPG game!
Either battling for glory in the global arena, exploring hidden treasures throughout the mysterious maze in Space Discovery, or even hunting Galaxy Wanted wandering in the space!
Play with more than 1 million players across the planet!

the place where magical unicorns attract heroes into your town for their own little adventure.
This is the story of you, your unicorn and a treasury full of gold!
Create the perfect illusion of an adventure town with busy blacksmiths, bustling taverns, and glorious dungeons with monsters bred by you.

More than 100 fabulous characters: heroes, shop keepers, vampires, unicorns and more

You can find your buddies, your love, and your youth passion in this game.
Take him or her to your double mount now!
The more Bosses you hunt, the more powerful you will be.

Dive into the epic world of Hero Factory and unstop the massive hero production from your own factories to challenge powerful bosses.
Various kinds of epic weapons and helmets!
Collect unique items and discover new epic gear combinations to define your own hero style.
Merge an enchant stone and make your items more epic and powerful for the heroes

Customize your heroes with epic skins and merge them into a united team.
Hero Factory is an easy-to-play idle tycoon RPG where you can experience incomparable pleasure by managing your heroes and factories to stand against the enemies.
Upgrade your heroes and factories with enchant stones and golds to create stronger army and send them to the battlefield for more epic rewards.
Download for free today and begin to make your own heroes and factories!

* Strategical game play on the battlefield Strategically choose and use powerful skills to achieve a victory in the battle
* Exciting Adventure Explore Infinite epic battles throughout the journey with your heroes and obtain enormous rewards


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