Heroes’ Quest: Idle Casual Card Game MOD Apk (Unlimited Resources)

Download Latest APK MOD for Heroes’ Quest: Idle Casual Card Game, This MOD Includes Unlimited Game Resources. Download Now! Last Version of Heroes’ Quest: Idle Casual Card Game

Heroes’ Quest is an idle RPG you can play anytime, anywhere. Set in mythological Greece, this game depicts a group of young heroes fighting against the dark reign of gods. Buzzing with ambition, they concurred to set out on a journey, seeking the last hope of the world – Pandora’s Box. How will the story unfold? Are they going to turn the tide and save the world? Everything ahead of them is unknown, but they have faith that hope never dies and justice shall prevail!

Idle System
Your heroes can fight on their own! Set your heroes into battle mode before you go AFK and when you’re back to the game, they will become stronger and get geared up to continue the adventure with you!

Turn-based Strategy
Arrange your hero lineups tactically to win on the battlefield! These heroes come from different races who can mutually restrain each other, yet they are in desperate need of a chief to lead them to victory! Effortlessly, you can lead the troops, take the field and win glory!

Card Collection
Be a hero summoner! Make friends with new heroes in the tavern, widen your horizon and complete your hero index!

Hero Rebirth
Change your hero lineup anytime you want! The rebirth of heroes returns all consumed materials – you won’t have to worry about the waste of materials anymore!

Fusion System
Lady Luck is smiling at you! Say goodbye to bad luck – SSR heroes are no longer a dream! Complete your hero collection with top-class heroes now!

Quiz Trial
Stuck in a stage? Take Quiz Trial to learn how to deploy your troops effectively! Here you can improve your strategic competence and earn rewards and gold when clearing stages!

Greed Cave
Want to dig more gold? Greed Cave is a place where you can freely choose to move forward or back. As a hero, what would be your choice – challenge dragons head on to gain gold or just take a back seat?

Embark on an expedition to somewhere far! Break your shackles and walk to freedom! Set off, to explore the unknown and hone your battle skills!

War & Arena
Climb to the top and fight till the end! The world is so big that even you can’t be the strongest, you can live without regret!

Unity brings victory! Together with your guildmates, defeat all enemies who stand in your way!

World Boss, Guild Boss
The War is ignited! The outland bosses are attempting to occupy our home. Take up your weapon and march bravely!

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