Mod Friday Night Funkin Addon Dance (Unofficial) MOD Apk (Unlimited Resources)

Download Latest APK MOD for Mod Friday Night Funkin Addon Dance (Unofficial), This MOD Includes Unlimited Game Resources. Download Now! Last Version of Mod Friday Night Funkin Addon Dance (Unofficial)

It’s an unoffiial fnf games and that’s mean that this is just a fan-made game, nothing more. Fnf and it’s logo, character and music credits and owner are ninjamuffin99, cally3d and teams. For the record it’s a all in one mod launcher for fnf. Let’s go! Beep boop! FNF or known as friday night funkin music game mobile is a popular indie rap battle game combined with rhythm music style game. FNF mod has a playstyle reminiscent of popular rhythm game and nostalgic flash game format. In here, you as the player need to mirror your timing with the rhythm by pressing four arrow key button [left, right, up and down] with colourful button in a sequence dictated based on your screen. This makes your hand and sense of song rhythm will be challanged. Just the same as the original mobile version, friday night funkin music mobile game mod still use 4 arrow button as the main trigger to start playing. Just tap them directly in your screen.

FNF music mobile game addon centers around our protagonist, boyfriend (often shortened to BF), who trying to kiss with girlfriend and make her to be his only GF. Her dad, an ex-rockstar band leader called daddy dearest disapproves your relationship. You must convince him, so the only way to prove it is by winning rap battle 1 vs 1 with daddy dearest. Not only girlfriend dad that wants to defeat you, there are many enemies waiting to rap battle you. You want to get girlfriends love? Fight them until the end and you can kiss your girlfriend later.

In FNF friday night funkin music game launcher, player must pass multiple “weeks” (stage) and each weeks containing three songs with each difficulty and opponent the player must compete with from week 1 until week 6. Each weeks you will rap battle against hard different opponent such as: daddy dearest, pico, monster, the mom, senpai, spirit, also skid and pump as the bonus guest characters. You can change your difficulty from easy to hard in realtime. So, What are you waiting for? It is time to get freaky! READY, SET, GO!!!


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