Piano Tiles: BTS Kpop MOD Apk (Unlimited Resources)

Download Latest APK MOD for Piano Tiles: BTS Kpop, This MOD Includes Unlimited Game Resources. Download Now! Last Version of Piano Tiles: BTS Kpop

Try to match the music beat by taping on black tiles, and enjoy your favorite BTS songs with the amazing and the best BTS game: > Piano Tiles: BTS Kpop! <

BTS Piano Tiles is the best piano tiles. With this BTS music game, feel the music as you tap and get control of BTS song beat.

If you are tired overly hard expert rhythm games and other music games that just increase the speed of melodies to make the game more difficult, you’re in the right BTS Tiles game where you have levels for all! Tap your way to the top!

You can play the most popular songs of BTS Kpop 2019 and BTS Kpop 2020:
. BTS ‘ON’
. Billie Eilish Bad Guy
. BTS Fake Love
. BTS Mic Drop
. BTS Love Your Self
. BTS go go
. BTS Boy in luv
. ​BTS Anpanman
. BTS Kinetic Manifesto Film
. BTS Come Prima
. BTS Official MV
. 방탄소년단 ‘작은 것들을 위한 시
. BTS ON Feat. Sia
. BTS Army Magic Piano Tiles
. BTS k pop song
. BTS Hip Tiles
. BTS BTS Superstar

+ Tap the black Kpop tiles of the BTS Tiles hop.
+ Tap and hold on the blue tiles.
+ Tap double black tiles quickly, but not at the same time.
+ Repeatedly tap the big black tile until the number on it decreases to zero.

+ Free Daily chests
+ Progress through multiple songs all the way to the top
+ Collect player cards
+ Beat your top score
+ It might be easy to tap the tiles, but difficult to master!
+ The BTS offline music and speed of the notes are interactive and controlled by your
+ Fun, intuitive mechanics

1. Tap the tiles to the rhythm games kpop!
2. Keep being awesome with BTS Idol Piano Tiles!

This BTS magic piano tiles game is not an official app. There is no copyrighted material, everything we make is done by us including the piano music!


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