Smiling-X 2: Action and adventure with jump scares MOD Apk (Unlimited Resources)

Download Latest APK MOD for Smiling-X 2: Action and adventure with jump scares, This MOD Includes Unlimited Game Resources. Download Now! Last Version of Smiling-X 2: Action and adventure with jump scares

On your latest adventure, you have escaped from the terrific Smiling-x. Now you will help to organize the resistance against the creepy X Corporation.
You will be scared when you discover the dark truth about the X Corporation.

You must talk to Commander Hari to get each mission. Be aware of the dangerous enemies of the X Corporation, the new evil robots, the creepy hunters, the Cyborgs …like 3 horror games in one!
Now is the time to help the Resistance and escape in this free creepy adventure simulator!

Do you want to survive? Take care and try to no make noise. Hide and move when the enemy is far. Take the teleport from each station for the Resistance and help them restore the comunication and survival. See if other teams survived Hypnotic Software! Destroy the enemy in this terrifying free horror game. Find items and collect them to solve the mission.

Features in this horror game:
★ Solve the puzzles that you will find around these new horror games around the world.
★ Different creepy locations and hard mission´s.
★ Different enemies and spooky moments.
★ Play in ghost mode to explore fearlessly and unlock all the puzzles and complete the mission.
★ Awesome action game with different weapons and accessories, improve your skills.
★ Addictive story mode with creepy sounds
★ Amazing animations and HD graphics

Note: We highly recommend playing with headphones for a more immersive experience.
IndieFist likes create adventure games with rich narrative background

The game is in development, if you want us to improve our game, leave us your comments! If you want to help us with the translation of this scary game, send us a message!

(This mysterious adventure games from 2020 game contains ads).

Thanks for playing!


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