Xd6 MOD Apk (Unlimited Resources)

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Xd6 is a dice roller app for table top war games that use 6 sided dice.

Speed up the time it takes to roll and resolve your dice so you can play bigger games or finish the last turn before you run out of time.

Play games faster and resolve rolling hundreds of dice in seconds!
The dice roller can quickly filter the result and pass it to the next round for up to 5 rounds.

Select the dice at the top to individually or group select the result by value, then re-roll, discard or use a customised rule.

If a dice roll modifier is required simply use the mod +/- buttons to adjust the result.

The dice roller can quickly filter out a result, so if you need to hit on 3+ simply press the 3+ button and all dice below 3 will be discarded.
If you need to make a saving throw simply press the Hit/Sv button then your target value and the dice roller will filter out the saved dice and pass on the failed rolls to the next round.

-Roll up to 999 dice
-Re-roll or Discard selected dice by value
-Adjustable dice roll modifier from -5 to +5
-Quick dice roll resolution with toggle between discarding above or below result.
-Logs to view history of rolls and actions
-Undo feature
-Special Dice Rules such as exploding dice.


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